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Maple Leaf feminized seeds descend from exotic parents. The strain’s lineage stems from Mazar-I-Sharif, where collectors carefully preserved certain cultivars and smuggled them out during the Cold war. These plants have a unique appearance, and the fatter shape of the leaves resembles those of a Maple tree.

Maple Leaf feminized seeds are a pure indica fusion of Mazar and Afghan Kush. The cultivar is powerful and rich in THC, with very little CBD content. It’s known for inducing feelings of refreshing and relaxation. It has intense physical effects with aphrodisiac properties.

The cultivar is extremely fragrant. Scents of sweet incense, oranges, and wood emanate from the buds. It has an interesting blend of terpenes resulting in an intriguing flavor profile. Maple Leaf feminized nugs are broad and heavy at the base and tapered on top. They’re light green and covered in a thick layer of sticky resin.

Maple Leaf feminized seeds are suitable for beginners as they’re quite easy to cultivate. The plants don’t grow too tall and typically reach heights of 3?4 ft. Both indoor and outdoor yields are generous.

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