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Mango Kush is a proud member of the Kush family. Exotic, fruity, and packing powerful physical and cerebral effects, this hybrid strain delivers on all fronts. This fruity Kush hybrid was created by crossing the legendarily hard-hitting Hindu Kush with the fruity, indica-dominant Mango cultivar.

The large buds produced by Mango Kush feminized impart an equally relaxing and uplifting high. The buds themselves are dazzling; deep green nugs coated in sticky trichomes and accented with striking tangerine pistils. Mango Kush smells just as you’d expect; a bold, earthy, Kushy fragrance entwined with a distinct mango aroma with hints of banana.

These feminised Mango Kush seeds produce hardy plants with all the resiliency of its parent, Hindu Kush. The predominance of indica genes makes for short but sturdy plants which fill out significantly during growth. Mango Kush feminised usually grows to around three or four feet tall, making these cannabis seeds perfect for space-limited growers.

These Mango Kush seeds are also feminised. All our feminised seeds give you 99% guaranteed female plants. No more worrying about potential males pollinating your precious females and leeching resources.

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