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With a name like “Magnum,” this cannabis strain seems like something capable of hitting your senses into oblivion. Instead, you find a sativa-dominant plant with average THC levels offering one of the most pleasant highs you can experience. Don’t be afraid to try this one during the daytime to carry on with your routine highly energized.

There are two things shrouded in veils of secrecy in this world: KFC’s secret recipe and the Magnum autoflower strain lineage. No one seems to know where this plant comes from, and frankly, it doesn’t seem too important with such quality cannabis.

Growing Magnum autoflower isn?t complicated if you have a little experience. The plants are incredibly resistant to harsh conditions, and they grow large and wide at five feet tall. The resulting nugs stand out thanks to light amber pistils and thick trichomes, making them look dusty.

With spicy floral undertones hidden behind layers of natural pinewood, this Magnum autoflower offers delicious rewards for your gardening effort.

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