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Start your day with the motivating and energetic Lemon Tree feminized ganja. The origin of this zesty award-winning hybrid strain remains a mystery to this day. However, we?re sure the original creator is enjoying this variant?s consistent popularity among cannabis citrus lovers.

Lemon Tree feminized seeds are a descendant of the two iconic cannabis strains: Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel. This combination led to a beautiful and strong hybrid cultivar with perfectly balanced indica and sativa genetics. An initial cerebral buzz is accompanied by waves of relaxation, making it an ideal ganja strain to consume during the daytime.

Lemon Tree feminized cannabis crops are visually stunning when they enter the flowering stage, reaching staggering heights of up to 7ft. Thick, resin-covered buds with long amber hairs emerge from the vibrant green leaves. These flowers emit sour citrus, fuel, and pine fragrance, making your mouth water in anticipation of harvest time.

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