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Lemon Pie regular seeds are a three-way blend of two legendary strains and an unknown cultivar that formed to create a well-balanced offspring. Fan-favorite Skunk #1 passed down its energizing genes that give this variant its long-lasting buzz.

Another classic, Amnesia Haze, lends a lot of feel-good sensations to its budchild. Many enthusiasts believe the third parent to be an indica landrace or hybrid.

Lighting up a Lemon Pie regular joint gives you the best of both worlds. Experience cerebral bliss and an energizing buzz with the complement of full-body relaxation. Expect lemony flavors along with Hazy scents of earthiness and pine trees.

The regular version of Lemon Pie seeds means your garden will sprout into a 50/50 female to male ratio. Unless you?re looking to breed a new strain, picking out the males is a must to avoid pollination. Lemon Pie regular is straightforward to cultivate and rewards you with humungous yields.

This cultivar is the ultimate after-dinner toke that?s best shared with friends.

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