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Over the years, Lemon autoflower has won many awards. This popular auto variant is a cross between Lowryder #2 and Lemon Skunk, making it sativa leaning. The zesty-smelling crops and powerful, tasty nugs made it a hit with tokers everywhere.

Cannabis gardeners with some experience can grow Lemon autoflower seeds. It?s not too advanced, but there?s no time to fix mistakes due to the auto tendencies. Plants flower automatically, and the feminized nature means you don?t need to separate males. These are convenient crops if you want to harvest a few times throughout the year. Despite their short 3 foot stature, expect decent yields when it?s time to collect the buds.

Lemon autoflower THC levels can reach 25%, providing some potent effects, whether you?re a beginner or veteran. This strain boasts unique mind and body sensations and a high that lingers for hours. Expect refreshing and an energy surge before deep relaxation.

If juicy buds dripping in syrupy resin sound like something you?d like to savor, get yourself some Lemon autoflower seeds.

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