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Legend OG feminized is a potent indica dominant hybrid with genetics shrouded in a veil of mystery. The plant is a derivative of OG Kush with feminized traits to secure an all-female garden with many of the same characteristics as the original.

We can trace the lineage of Legend OG back to landrace strains such as Hindu and hybrids like Lemon Thai and Chemdawg. Legend OG feminized entered the scene back in the 90s’ on the West Coast. It remains one of the most popular strains created in the USA.

With a THC level close to 25%, Legend OG feminized offers excellent therapeutic effects. This ganja hits you with a powerful body stone, expanding the impact of OG Kush without buzzing your mind into numbness. Legend OG feminized ganja offers the classic Kush undertones with hints of floral and lavender. The underlining flavors and scents also include hints of diesel and wooden traces.

These plants don’t grow too large?most gardens never rise above 3 feet tall with bushy and compact builds

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