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Lavender feminized seeds’ genetics is like a delicious cannabis cocktail. It?s a blend of several well-loved and exotic cultivars. The indica-dominant hybrid is a blend of Super Skunk, Afghani, Hawaiian, and South Asian indica.

Lavender is an award-winning strain. The cultivar claimed first prize for best indica at the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup. The strain is typically consumed during the evenings as its hard-hitting effects take hold almost immediately.

Lavender feminized contains plenty of THC, and the CBD content is negligible. It induces initial refreshing and joy, and when these feelings fade, users fall fast asleep. Lavender feminized crops produce large green buds with hints of purple. These are quite dense and don’t break easily. They’re also thickly coated in sticky resin.

The fragrance these nugs exude is reminiscent of a herb garden with light woody notes. The scent of Lavender is dominant, and these aromas translate well into the flavor. The plants are easy to cultivate and grow pretty tall, reaching heights of 5?8 ft.

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