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LA Kush Cake autoflower is an exotic cannabis strain. It boasts remarkable genetics and smooth-hitting effects. It delivers beautiful, flavorful buds for both new and seasoned cultivators.

LA Kush Cake auto seeds are a mix of Wedding Cake x Kush Mints x Ruderalis. The cultivar is an indica-dominant hybrid. It has a composition of around 65% indica and 35% sativa genetics.

This non-photoperiod strain has medium THC levels of 16?18%. They leave you feeling deeply relaxed. It has a low CBD content.

LA Kush Cake autoflower seeds produce indica-heavy nugs. Expect an aroused, relaxed, and sleepy feeling once the strain hits all the right senses. It offers the perfect full body and mind high. Enjoy it when you?re ready to sit back and chill.

The LA Kush Cake strain produces a cerebral uplift. It reduces the stressors of the day. You succumb to a refreshing state of bliss with total relaxation. You also enjoy hints of creativity and happiness in your sleepy state.

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