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With a name like Kush XL autoflower, you’re probably expecting something unique given the Kush lineage’s famous reputation. The good news is that you’re not far off the mark at all. Kush XL autoflower is created by breeding Hindu Kush with OG Kush. The result is an excellent plant offering a balanced high with 14?17% THC content.

As the name suggests, Kush XL autoflower offers bigger, heavier nugs in shorter periods. Once the plant reaches the flowering stage, it’s ready to be harvested after eight weeks. The resulting buds are cone-shaped bright green beauties with a few colored pistils highlighted thanks to the thick layers of trichomes.

You don’t have to worry too much about space with this cultivar. The plants grow short, but they need some support. Kush XL autoflower elevates your spirits and puts you in a great mood to achieve anything.

A single toke of this strain makes you social and chatty and helps you see everything with brighter colors. As with most autoflower variants, Kush XL autoflower needs some gardening experience since they grow faster. Don’t wait any longer if you feel curious.

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