Khalifa Kush Autoflower Seeds


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Khalifa Kush autoflower cannabis seeds are super-sought-after and bred for the famous rapper Wiz Khalifa. They have indica-dominant genes and a mysterious lineage of OG and ruderalis.

Buds from these Khalifa autoflower seeds are compact to mid-sized, dense, and coated in sticky resin. They boast a forest green color, fiery orange pistils, and a classic sour citrus and pine aroma.

Ideal for afternoon and evening use, this cultivar gained the appreciation of medical and recreational communities. Besides leaving you stoned and stuck to the couch, it may boost creativity and improve your mood.

Cultivators with some experience can get bountiful harvests in as little as ten weeks with Khalifa Kush seeds. This strain grows indoors and out and has a hassle-free, indica-style grow pattern.

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