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Kali Mist is a multi-award-winning, heavily sativa-dominant hybrid with high yields. The origin of Kali Mist is rather mysterious. Some speculate it was created by crossing South East Asian sativa cultivars, while others suggest the inclusion of Northern Lights genetics. Regardless of its ancestry, Kali Mist is a stellar strain sativa fans love.

Propagated Kali Mist feminized seeds produce slender, elegant plants that can reach dizzying heights. Specimens grow to around 6 feet tall indoors and a huge 10 feet outside. Lavish green, long-fingered leaves surround pine-cone-shaped buds. As the buds mature, rich orange pistils protrude from swollen calyxes, and flower sites become dusted with a layer of sparkling crystals.

Cured Kali Mist ganja has a distinctly rustic aroma; herbal, earthy notes are lightened with a splash of fresh pine and fruit. Smoking Kali Mist is a divine experience. The fragrant buds deliver an intensely refreshing cerebral high. The energetic boost provided by Kali Mist makes it a great daytime strain. Get acquainted with this god-tier hybrid by growing yourself a crop of this supremely stimulating ganja.

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