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Also known as Super Skunky Jack, Jack Herer x Super Skunk is a sativa-dominant hybrid with moderate to high yields. As the name suggests, breeders crossed two legendary strains synonymous with ultra-high-quality, powerful ganja. The combination of these two cannabis colossi creates a powerful strain that?s not to be missed.

Germinated Jack Herer x Super Skunk feminized seeds develop into moderately sized plants between three and five feet tall and exhibit sativa growth characteristics. Wispy green leaves surround neon green buds, highlighted with yellow-orange pistils and a copious coating of trichomes.

The cured buds exude a bold, direct aroma informed by their fragrant progenitors. The distinct scent associated with Super Skunk mixes with a citrus kick derived from Jack Herer. Smoking the delectable ganja provides users with a nice balance of fast-acting, long-lasting mental and physical effects. Super Skunky Jack is perfect at any time of day, providing an enjoyably uplifting experience.

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