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Jack Herer is a remarkable strain named after an activist dedicated to advancing education and legalization. It delivers a unique brand of refreshing mental and soothing physical experience that was so called to celebrate the legacy of champions who fight for the industry.

The original strain is a descendant of influential strains that have shaped the diversity of the species. Its traits are mostly taken from the original Haze Sativa with the addition of Indica classics Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. And, to produce auto-flowering seeds, it was crossed with a Ruderalis variety.

Auto Jack Herer boasts of a rapid rate of growth without compromising on key characteristics that are most important to recreational users. Compared to the photoperiod variety, it is easier to tend to and retains most of the same properties. Furthermore, it comes as feminized to ensure that 99% of the time, the seeds sprout into female plants.

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