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The true origins of the Humboldt strain are hazy, but the common theory is that it was created in Humboldt County, California, during the 1970s. Breeders believe an Afghani Indica is one of its genetic contributors, while the other parent is unknown?but many think it could be OG Kush.

Humboldt feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid with relatively balanced effects. It delivers calm, relaxing, and somewhat numbing physical sensations, while Humboldt?s sativa kick promises plenty of feel-good and upbeat vibes.

These cannabis plants typically grow to a maximum of three feet and sport a short, bushy appearance. Humboldt feminized buds have a spade-like shape and boast a light green hue with bright orange pistils. They radiate an aroma of lemon, herbs, and earth, while their flavor is more floral and sweet.

Humboldt feminized plants are easy to grow, but some basic cannabis cultivation experience can give you the upper hand with these beauties. This heavy-hitting hybrid is a rare find at retail dispensaries, but you can find it at reputable online seed banks.

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