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Cozy down and relax for the winter with Hellfire OG feminized. Ignite the creative soul within and dance refreshingally around the flames with this relaxing indica-dominant strain. Hellfire OG feminized?s popularity is burning high, gathering a cult-like following of veteran cannabis enthusiasts because of its impressive kush heritage.

OG Kush is perhaps one of the most sought-after strains on the cannabis stage but extremely difficult to grow. A cross between OG Kush and SFV OG Kush resulted in Hellfire OG feminized seeds thanks to a mysterious breeder. This indica-dominant variant possesses most of the classic kush traits and is easier to grow than its infamous parent strain.

Hellfire OG feminized plants take on a bushy indica frame, producing thick foliage with thin stalks. The forest-green leaves get coated with a snowy carpet of resin, highlighting the potency. The buds emit sophisticated herbal aromas of incense and pine during their flowering stage, arousing your senses.

These ganja plants are short in height reaching around 2?3ft before harvest. If you?re looking to dance with the Devil during the winter months, these are the cannabis seeds for you

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