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Haze XL autoflower seeds are an award-winning hybrid child of Jack Herer and Haze 2.0. They?ve become a favorite in Amsterdam coffee shops. The seeds grow into fast-maturing plants with impressive yields and are perfect for consumption at any point throughout the day.

The ?extra-large? features become evident in the flowering stage. Haze XL autoflower boasts fat buds with thick trichomes and a high THC content. It?s sativa-dominant, giving you a strong cerebral high and an energetic boost, along with indica features that keep you calm and refreshing.

Haze XL autoflower seeds produce stunning plants that grow up to 4 ft. tall, with bright-green leaves and a gummy texture. The buds entice your senses with a mixture of delicious fruity and exotic woody notes, causing your mouth to water before you even harvest them.

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