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The preeminent Haze is a longstanding classic hybrid strain. A child of the psychedelic sixties, Haze has been prized for its pick-me-up qualities and electrifying cerebral high for decades. Haze is a fresh, earthy, sativa dominant strain that clears the cobwebs from your mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

Our Haze autoflower seeds are the result of crossing Haze with a ruderalis cultivar. The original Haze was created by crossing landrace strains from Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, and India. Haze autoflower seeds possess the same diverse genetics but with the added benefits of an autoflowering strain.

Haze autoflower displays sativa growth characteristics but on a smaller scale. The slender plants grow to heights of between three and four feet. Long fluffy buds develop and are soon coated with a thick frosting of resinous crystals as harvest nears. Haze auto?s rich earthy aroma of spiced orange, herbs, and spices makes spending time with these plants a joy.

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