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Take the edge off and slide into your groove with Harlequin feminised cannabis and its subtle yet calming qualities. This sativa-dominant strain promises to induce a long-lasting mellow high perfect for daytime use. A mixture of calming and energising effects helps improve your mood while maintaining peak productivity.

Feminized Harlequin seeds are a product of combining three exceptional landrace strains—Colombian Gold, Swiss, and Thai. As a result, this cultivar contains low THC levels and moderate CBD percentages. These buds are perfectly suited for low-tolerance users or anyone seeking a mild buzz.

Tightly-packed flowers emerge from this plant’s thick foliage when it matures. The buds display vibrant green colours and orange hairs speckled throughout. A light drizzle of amber trichomes then covers each cola, adding to their beauty. Open a jar of these nugs and let their fresh and spicy flavour seduce your senses.

Left to their own devices, these plants can easily grow over eight-feet-tall, and require some training if you raise them indoors. If you can keep your crops happy and well-fed, you can expect colossal yields come harvest season. Get your Harlequin feminised seeds to ensure you never run out of quality ganja.

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