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Gushers Feminized seeds are a favorite among beginner and seasoned growers. Enjoy potent buds with fruitful and earthy flavors.

Gushers feminized is a cross between Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. This strain is popular for its relaxing effects and fruitful flavor. The plant is robust and grows with thick foliage. The buds have a distinctly elongated shape and a dense coating of trichomes.

Feminized Gushers seeds produce nugs with a medium concentration of 15?22% THC. CBD is present in trace amounts of 0.3?0.6%. It?s predominantly 60% indica, with a 40% sativa side. The cultivar is a favorite for its potent flavors and well-balanced effects.

The indica dominance results in a manageable structure and brief flowering period. The plant reaches 2.5?5 feet. Gushers produces 10?22 oz./m? inside and 15?20 oz./plant outdoors.

The buds from Gushers fem seeds produce long-lasting effects. They have a high THC content and a diverse cannabinoid profile. The sensations keep you calm and cheerful for hours.

A puff from Gushers calms your mind and body. It relaxes your muscles and sends a soothing buzz to your limbs. The upliftment encourages conversations and creative hobbies. It also heightens arousal, ideal for home date nights.

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