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Green Crack, formerly known as “Green Cush” or simply “Cush,” was said to have been dubbed by connoisseur and musician Snoop Dogg after sampling its energizing and creative effects. Much as it implies, the strain has the potential to deliver a profound mental invigoration. Although the moniker itself suggests notoriety, and it could even be a turn off for some people, some have already taken to calling it Green Cush.

Its origin though is cloaked in vagueness. It is for sure a descendant of Skunk #1. It is the other strain used for breeding that remains unknown. Based on its trait, the chances are high that it is either an Afghani or Hindu Kush.

In developing feminized seeds, a clone of the original Green Crack was pollinated by Skunk #1 to retain as much of the traits as possible. These seeds are made available through us.

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