Grease Gun Auto

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Grease Gun Auto is a cross between Mythic OG and Gorilla Glue. This mostly sativa hybrid (70/30) has an uplifting high with superb yields. Grease Gun auto is a compact plant staying around 2-3 ½ feet, taking about 11 weeks to flower.
This strain has a distinct citrus and fuel aroma thanks to terpenes like myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene. Known for its resinous and potent buds, Grease Gun has a robust flavor making it very popular. In terms of potency, it usually has between 20-26% THC, with less than 1% CBD.
This strain has moderate mold resistance, with high tolerance to environmental fluctuations. This easy to grow plant, with its potent refreshing high, makes it a wonderful choice for growers seeking a high yielding vigorous plant.


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