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Grapericot Pie auto is a relatively recent addition to the 420 community, and consequently, there is limited information available about it. This cannabis variety is the result of crossing Cherry Pie with Grape Stomper, and the genetic makeup of the parent strains significantly influences the characteristics of Grapericot Pie.

The buds of this strain are notably large and elongated, resembling olives, and exhibit a color palette of deep green and vibrant purple tones, complemented by neon orange hairs. Delicate, purplish trichomes adorn the nuggets.

True to its name, Grapericot Pie boasts sweet, fruity, and grape flavors. Users have reported that the effects are uplifting and conducive to creativity, instilling a sense of happiness and positive emotions.

Ideal for novice growers, this cannabis strain is resilient and robust. Anticipate moderate yields and average plant heights, with the crop maturing in a span of 8?10 weeks.

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