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Get ready for an incredible cognitive trip with Grapefruit regular. This cannabis strain is the perfect choice to wake and bake. Get your day going with total focus, thanks to Grapefruit’s sativa genes and its amazing THC content. With inherited properties from Cinderella 99 and a Grapefruit clone, this strain erases obstacles from your perception.

Grapefruit regular seeds grow beautiful light green nugs, both male and female. You need to learn how to pick out the male flowers to avoid pollination. You may leave them as it is if you intend to get additional seeds or try your hand at breeding.

A single toke of Grapefruit cannabis is enough to overwhelm your senses with a wide array of citric undertones. Since the strain is named after a single fruit, you would expect a consistent experience. That’s not the case since Grapefruit regular feels like an amalgamation of every citric undertone mixed in a nice, tight package.

Grapefruit regular seeds grow medium-sized plants able to reach up to five feet high while offering generous yields. The cannabis obtained from this cultivar can call on the muse you need to finish any project

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