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The Grapefruit strain is a favorite among cannabis users because of its tangy and sweet citrus taste partnered with a refreshing, uplifting high of happiness. Grapefruit contains 15 to 19% THC, 0.7% CBD, and is sativa dominant. Breeders created the Grapefruit strain from Cinderella 99 mixed with an unknown sativa strain boasting strong citrus flavors.

The mix of high THC and sativa creates an intense buzz that fills you with positive emotions. You feel ultimate bliss, with no worries at all. The strain motivates you to focus on performing tasks with excitement. Grapefruit is perfect for a wake and bake to get ready for the day ahead.

Like most sativa plants, the crop from Grapefruit feminized seeds grows tall and fast, reaching up to six feet to get the most sun. Grapefruit matures with a huge cola at the top and many slender leaves. The buds are large, with fiery orange pistils shooting out and a thick resin-coated finish.

The plant and smoke?s aroma is how Grapefruit got its name. It?s a punch of sweet and bitter citrus. Picture a tropical beach with the waves crashing at sunset, and what do you smell? Nothing?s better than the Grapefruit strain with its fruity scent. We?re sure your mouth is already watering.

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