Grandaddy Purple Autoflower Seeds


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Grandaddy Purple autoflower seeds produce premium-grade that retains all the beloved attributes of the original but with the bonus of growing all year-round indoors. The west coast classic was created by crossing world-famous Grandaddy Purps with a ruderalis strain.

When ready for harvest, this indica dominant cultivar showcases trademark purple-hued buds. These nugs drip with copious amounts of resin and burst with a berrylicious terpene profile. Many turn to this for its fast-acting and hard-hitting indica style high. This strain incites deep head-to-toe relaxation without leading to couch-lock.

Plants grown from Grandaddy Purple autoflower seeds are a favorite choice among seasoned growers and novices up for a challenge. They’re versatile, yield good crop sizes, and grow to a manageable height of around three feet tall—perfect for indoor cultivation.

Hailing from award-winning lineage, this don of the cultivar world remains one of the most popular strains in the 420 community. It’s also the parent of an array of equally loved modern hybrids. Keep your stash stockpiled even when the growing season has ended with Grandaddy Purple autoflower seeds.

The flowers grown from Grandaddy Purple autoflower seeds have an unmistakable aroma reminiscent of an aged sweet red wine. After lighting up, the rich berry fragrance swirls with hints of pine and hash. These scents are reflected in the decadent smoke and on exhale, a subtle hint of exotic spices is left on the tongue.

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