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The best hybrids strike the perfect genetic balance, and Grandaddy Bruce does it impeccably. This powerful strain is an indica-dominant blend with sky-high THC levels. As a result, you get a balanced mix of physical relaxation and mental stimulation. Grandaddy Bruce inherits its traits from Grandaddy Purple and Bruce Banner?two of the most legendary cultivars on the planet.

This hard-hitting hybrid has plenty of potency, so it?s vital to keep an eye on your intake. After a few pulls, Grandaddy Bruce sends you to an alternate dimension where you feel refreshing, positive, relaxed, and completely stress-free.

Grandaddy Bruce buds emit various aromas, from vanilla and spices to earth and fruits. These cannabis plants reach heights of 2?3.5 feet and display gorgeous deep purple colors. Their appearance is short and bushy, with tightly-packed nugs supported by a sturdy stem.

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