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Grandaddy Black is a beautiful indica-dominant hybrid with above-average yields. Grandaddy Black Feminized seeds produce short, striking specimens displaying the best features from each of its parents. Breeders crossed the decadent Black Domina with the flamboyant Grandaddy Purple to create this potent hybrid.

Grandaddy Black Feminized seeds propagate into short, bushy plants that reach heights of around 3 feet. While the height of this hybrid may be modest, its appearance is anything but. As the plants mature, they develop spectacular deep purple variegation inherited from their colorful parents. Eye-popping emerald and purple buds replete with long ochre pistils become coated with trichomes at harvest approaches.

Cured Grandaddy Black buds have a rich earthy aroma in the bag. Once ignited, the fragrance is sweetened with notes of berry and citrus. Smoking Grandaddy Black delivers intensely powerful relaxation with a side order of refreshing. The heavily sedative properties of Grandaddy Black are best enjoyed after dusk.

Growing Grandaddy Black feminized seeds is a real pleasure. This easy-to-manage, eye-catching hybrid will make you the envy of your cultivator pals.

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