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Gold Leaf’s origins are a closely-guarded secret kept locked away in the breeder’s lab. But despite the strain’s undisclosed parentage, it has risen to best-selling status, which is a testament to its superb quality.

By sprinkling a bit of Ruderalis magic into the genetic mix, an Autoflowering Gold Leaf was created. She matures incredibly fast and is much easier to grow than the original. In addition, unlike other autos, this variant has impressive indoor and outdoor returns that can easily measure up to photoperiod yields.

These advantages make Auto Gold Leaf the perfect choice for growers of all experience levels – up to and including seasoned cash-croppers. But the strain is also great for enthusiasts lacking gardening prowess who otherwise would earn meager harvests. These special little seeds will soon make your at-home grow operation worth the time and effort regardless of where you are in the canna-cultivation spectrum.

Except for her Ruderalis-leaning growth patterns, the auto version retains all the fantastic qualities that Gold Leaf fans know and love. Those who love the original will not be missing out on anything, while those trying this plant for the first time might just find a new favorite. Every drag of the kerosene-scented buds delivers a cerebrally enriching high. It’s physically energizing at first, before gradually shifting into a more relaxing buzz later on.

The plant’s up to 18% THC content does not come crashing in with a mighty bang, but it does have a quick onset and a long-lasting effect. The strain also carries 1 to 3% CBD levels which makes it particularly attractive. As with her older sister, Autoflowering Gold Leaf is said to alleviate symptoms of negativity, fatigue, reality, insomnia and a whole host of other conditions.

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