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Enthusiasts united and rejoiced the day God Bud regular seeds became available to buy. This strain relieves you of those burdening anxieties as it elevates you to the heavens above. Its calming and relaxing effects soothe your body and open your mind to the delightful world around you.

God Bud regular is an indica dominant strain?a miracle cross between Hawaiian, Purple Skunk, and a mysterious indica variant known as ?God.? The regular seeds can produce male or female plants. Expect hallowed yields or become a new Creator by breeding the males with other female strains.

The God Bud regular plants are short and bushy in appearance, with shimmering silvery coats of thick resin coating their flowers. You’ll certainly become aware of their presence as the crops emit a powerful fragrance. The strong but sweet woody and earthy aromas make you feel like you?re treading softly through the Garden of Eden.

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