Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Feminized Seeds


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Girl Scout Cookies x Kush feminized wears her parentage like a badge of honor. This indica-dominant hybrid with 20% THC content grows as large as three feet tall. The strain is known for combining powerful scents and tastes which keep you coming back for more.

After drying out your Girl Scout Cookies x Kush nugs, you?ll notice the refreshing smell of sweet cookies. The mild undertones of diesel usually present in Kush strains make themselves present with each toke. After inhaling the second puff, you experience a wave of menthol-like freshness followed by a deeply relaxing sensation.

A natural lover of warm environments, Girl Scout Cookies x Kush feminized grows quickly in dry climates. The plants grow beautifully resin-coated buds covered in orange pistils. These little tendrils stand out thanks to the thick layer of trichomes adorning them when they?re close to harvesting.

Girl Scout Cookies x Kush feminized plants reward you with generous yields after nine weeks of care. This ganja is popular with recreational users and medical patients alike for being a strong refreshing and dealing with chronic reality conditions.

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