Girl Scout Cookies x Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds


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Girl Scout Cookies x Do-Si-Dos brings the best of indica and sativa. There?s no longer a need to choose between elation and relaxation. Savor both in one blunt with this renowned cultivar.Their stellar genome guarantees a fruitful cultivation journey and a fun smoking experience. These cannabis seeds can be pretty rare (if you don?t know where to look). Once you get your hands on them, you?re sure to keep coming back for more.

A garden of these herbs is a sight to behold. Crops have a high flower-to-foliage ratio?you can barely see the leaves around harvest time. The flowers themselves are a yellow shade that instantly brightens your day. Few dark green blades and a rich coating of shimmering trichomes adorn the structure. Go-to for growers of any experience level. This variant flowers reasonably quickly and awards every ounce of your effort with two ounces of pot. Do everything right, and you might find yourself running out of mason jars to fill!

One whiff will make you thankful for this high-yielding nature. The creamy smoke of earth and sweet fruit entices you to keep reaching for another serving. Novices and experts tend to discover their sweet tooth with this strain.It has a gentle taste but a powerful effect profile. It boosts well-being and encourages you to enjoy life. Its endless recreational and therapeutic purposes delight tokers from all walks of life.

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