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Girl Scout Cookies, also called GSC, is one of the most popular strains to have originated from California. Not only has it established a presence in the United States, but it has also gained widespread recognition in Asia and throughout Europe.

GSC is a descendant of two highly-acclaimed strains.

OG Kush, a strain used as a genetic base for almost all the elite hybrids on the west coast, is one. The influence of its Hindu Kush heritage is evident with an intense body high that puts one incredibly relaxed.

The other strain used in creating GSC is a Sativa landrace from Africa. Durban Poison, named after the port city it came from, delivers a stimulating cerebral high that helps one stay productive and focused.

The union of these two strains gave birth to GSC, one of the most potent hybrids in the world. Apart from possessing the ability to deliver devastating effects, it also produces a delightful scent hence its name.

GSC comes in the form of auto-flowering seeds. These were developed using an original cut of the original and crossed with a Ruderalis. After years of development, these autos grow into wellnessy plants that are remarkably similar to the mother.

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