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Nip negativity and stress in the bud with the G13 autoflower strain and its powerful concoction of THC. This indica-dominant hybrid kicks things off in a sativa fashion, filling you with happiness and energy. It then eases any tension and sends relaxing vibrations throughout your body until you close your eyes and drift off to dreamland.

The origin of the G13 cannabis strain remains shrouded in mystery. All we know is that it started as a secret government experiment in the US and somehow made its way into the public’s hands. Breeders then took the prized feminized version and crossed it with ruderalis genetics, allowing plants to flower within a few weeks.

You can spot G13 autoflower buds a mile off. These large golden flowers are beautiful to behold, with orange hairs jutting out and a thick amber trichome blanket to signal their potency. These nugs give off an irresistible blend of fruit and menthol flavors that’ll have you licking your lips for hours.

You don’t need much space to raise this cannabis plant, reaching up to 3.9 feet once fully grown. Order G13 autoflower seeds from us to savor a true cannabis icon.

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