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They say patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Happily, you don?t have to wait long to harvest sweet-smelling yields of cannabis, thanks to the Fruit Autoflower strain. This fast-flowering indica variant is soaring in popularity because of its long-lasting, relaxing effects.

Fruit autoflower seeds contain 70% indica and 30% sativa. Dinafem Seeds created this strain by crossing Lowryder #1, Dinafem #1, and Grapefruit. Lowryder #1 contributed its ruderalis genetics while Grapefruit is responsible for passing down the delicious flavors and aromas.

These cannabis plants are short and bushy in appearance, with very few branches supporting their broad leaves and dense flower clusters. The buds develop a fine layer of shimmering resin during the late flowering phase, with a magnificent, snowy cola protruding at the top. Delightful tropical-scented aromas emit from the cannabis plants as they bloom.

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