Early Skunk x C99 Feminized Seeds


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Early Skunk x C99 comes from two opposing strains. Early Skunk is indica dominant and highly relaxing, while Cinderella 99 is a well-known sativa that energizes you into happiness. The blend creates a high THC sativa dominant beauty that?s perfect for consuming during the day.

Early Skunk x C99 uplifts your mood and gives you the motivation to perform any task. Your head is stripped of stress and stress, leaving you in a utopia of bliss. The indica side helps to avoid restlessness and becoming overstimulated.

Cultivating Early Skunk x C99 feminized seeds is straightforward and only matures to a small-sized height at 2.5 to 4 feet. The plant produces compact, dense buds. Long yellow pistils shoot out from all directions making the crop look hairy. During the last weeks, a thick resin coats the buds.

Early Skunk x C99 has an overwhelming aroma of fresh citrus, skunky sulfur, and aged cheese. Although that mightn?t sound appealing, don?t knock it until you try it. Users all over the country rave over the potent flavor.

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