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The origins of Doug’s Varin seeds are shrouded in mystery, causing much confusion within the California ganja seed community. Some speculate that these seeds result from a cross between Harlequin and a Thai landrace, but the high-THC sativa’s lineage remains uncertain.

Differing opinions emerge, with some suggesting that Harlequin might be a case of mistaken identity, a fortunate accident, or a complete enigma. There are also debates about its genetic composition, with some asserting it leans predominantly sativa with a subtle touch of indica heritage.

What is clear is that the name Doug’s Varin pays homage to the breeder and the notably elevated levels of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) present in this unique strain. The mystery surrounding its origins adds to the intrigue and allure of Doug’s Varin in the California cannabis seed scene.

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