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Named for its recognizable aroma, Diesel is the sativa-dominant strain to smoke for a hard-hitting energy boost. Its effects trump a cup of strong black coffee, leaving you rejuvenated and ready for the day. The jolt doesn?t make you jittery and restless, enveloping the body in easy tranquility.

This energizing blend comes with a solid genetic foundation of Jack Herer and NY Diesel. Crossing two sativa strains with productivity-boosting effect profiles, Diesel maintains the joyful and energetic base without overpowering the consumer. It?s perfect for all stoner levels seeking a grounding daytime cultivar.

Cultivation is a joy with Diesel feminized seeds, promising quick maturation and generous harvests. Stretching to 9 feet tall in the great outdoors, these lanky cannabis plants develop lush moss-green foliage. Colas are round and fiery, oozing citrus and fuel scents after nine weeks of ripening.

Diesel gardening is an intermediate challenge, but it becomes easier with the highest quality ganja seeds in your corner. Enjoy your stash throughout winter and never again succumb to seasonal blues or laziness.

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