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They say the devil?s in the details. Devil XXL autoflower proves this by boasting awe-inspiring characteristics. It?s an impressive indica-dominant hybrid descended from world-famous strains Big Devil #2 and Auto Jack Herer. Due to their popularity, it wasn?t long before breeders combined them to create a fast-growing, highly satisfying hybrid.

Devil XXL autoflower has no evil characteristics despite its name. It gives you a purely tranquil experience, consuming your mind with positive, uplifting thoughts. Best of all, it energizes you and gives you a long-lasting boost throughout the day. Expect a wonderfully balanced cerebral and physical buzz.

Devil XXL autoflower seeds grow into stunning green plants with fiery streaks all over. The luscious buds are coated in silver trichomes, luring you in with a blend of incense and citrus. They?re highly resilient plants growing up to around 5 ft tall.

The name may make you wary, but with its dreamy effects and durable genetics, you feel like an angel is hugging you.

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