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While Critical Mass is a darling thanks to a rich taste, Northern Lights injects an otherworldly high that’s every guru’s desire. Cannabis enthusiasts can have the best of these two fantastic varieties, thanks to Critical x NL autoflower. Its bud enchants with a spicy, fruity aroma and an earthy flavor that lingers upon your lips. With one whiff, this indica sativa hybrid teleports your mind to the stars as your joints grow limp.

Growing Critical x NL autoflower seeds is easy as long as you have some experience. The plants have a short life, so stick to the grow guide to realize a better harvest. Crops begin flowering within two to three weeks and continue for 35?42 days.

Due to its Critical Mass heritage, the strain produces significantly larger and heavier colas than most. In contrast, the plants are small to medium, rarely exceeding 3 ft in height, and thrive in hydroponics or soil.

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