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Created by crossing two legendary strains, Critical x Mazar autoflower is a potent, indica-dominant hybrid with an iconic status. Boasting a strong landrace gene pool and with up to 20% THC levels, this award-winning cultivar keeps Skunk fans entertained for hours on end. With two indica-heavy parents, what this potent hybrid has in store is quite predictable.

Standing under three feet tall, these high-yielding plants are fairly effortless to cultivate for growers with some cannabis cultivation experience. As fragrant as they are potent, these plants emit a citric, dank, and earthy aroma while delivering a stress-busting, sedative experience you won?t soon forget. Be warned; this hybrid?s high THC content and delicious cannabis make it easy to overindulge.

Critical x Mazar autoflower is every cultivator?s dream come true. The cultivar produces stunning specimens that flower regardless of their light exposure. The strain has amazing natural bag appeal, and with a bit of growing experience, you can produce professional-level results after a short flowering period of 35?42 days.

If pure, blissful sedation is what you?re after, this hybrid is the answer.

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