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What do you get when you combine two indica-dominant cultivars with top-of-the-line traits? Critical x Cream Caramel, of course. Throw in a secret ruderalis strain, and you?re left with a feminized, autoflowering variant that exhibits gorgeous looks, lip-smacking flavors, and mind-boggling effects.

Critical x Cream Caramel is an indica-heavy hybrid with high THC levels. It promises plenty of psychedelic effects with a generous helping of physical relaxation on the side. Expect to feel uplifted, refreshing, creative, talkative, sociable, and completely chilled on your trip.

These autoflower plants reach modest heights of 3.5 feet and display an indica-like appearance. They boast olive-green hues, mustard-yellow pistils, and dense buds at maturity. Up close, you get a mesmerizing whiff of sweet, earthy, and citrus smells. This aroma can become somewhat pungent, so discreet growing can pose a challenge.

These cannabis crops are easy to grow, but newbie cultivators need to ensure they understand the basics before diving in at the deep end.

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