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Critical x Amnesia feminized seeds have an intimidating name, but there?s nothing dire or blackout-inducing about this sativa-dominant hybrid. Instead, what you get is a nurturing blend of mind and body effects that infuse energy into your day. This strain is a perfect wake ?n? bake, helping you seamlessly carpe that diem.

You wouldn?t smoke this one only for the stimulating high, either. Buds deliver an aroma of wet earth, refreshing citrus, and faint sweetness to realityt your perception in bright colors. They?re easy on the eye, too. Round and chunky, their resin-laden surface carries fiery pistils that become more beautiful with each week of ripening.

Abundant harvests aren?t too hard to achieve with Critical x Amnesia. Displaying sativa growth traits of its Amnesia parent, it stretches to 9 feet tall of lush green leaves and numerous bud sites. Critical brings a robust genetic base to the cultivation journey, making crops highly resistant to common pitfalls and rookie errors.

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