Critical x AK47 Autoflower Seeds


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Critical x AK47 autoflower is what happens when you combine two monster cultivars. Critical is a highly-acclaimed phenotype, offering some textbook indica qualities. AK47 is a legendary cannabis variety that provides users with the typical, desired sativa effects. Combining these two plants with added autoflower genetics gives you a cannabis hybrid with the best of both worlds.

Enjoy Critical x AK47 autoflower for maximum giggles. It?s a great herb if you want to be talkative and sociable while relaxed and at ease. As suitable for creatives as for party-goers, Critical AK47 packs a punch but won?t knock you out?as long as you don?t overindulge.

The plant is compact and reaches around 3 feet in height, so you shouldn?t worry about space. The strong and sturdy branches provide enough support for the large Critical buds. The scent is powerful, combining earthy richness and a tropical tang.

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