Critical Purple Autoflower Seeds


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A triple heritage line feeds the Critical Purple autoflower strain. The indica dominant hybrid crosses Critical Mass, Big Bud, and ruderalis. The blended cultivar surfaced to improve the yield and stability of Big Bud. The dreamy strain makes you blissfully ignorant of all your troubles and woes. It’s a tasty way to destress and best used in the evening, helping insomniacs ease into a restful slumber.

The plant is known for its heavy and dense flowers, a trait it carries from its Critical Mass lineage. Short in stature, it reaches heights of 2–4 feet, making it ideal for indoor grow tents where space is limited. An added benefit is the ruderalis heritage makes this plant low maintenance, but quick flowering means it’s unforgiving to newbie errors.

Due to the high concentrations of the terpene linalool, the scent leans more towards floral fruits with a touch of skunk. Mixed within the aroma are herby and woody notes. Most people find the scent to be pleasantly uplifting.

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