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Pump the brakes on stress with the calming qualities of Critical Blue feminized cannabis and its ability to free your spirit. This indica-dominant cultivar?s mission is to go till you?re wrapped up comfortably in bed. While sleep is unavoidable, you can still enjoy some fantastic conversations with friends before bedtime.

Critical Blue feminized seeds come from breeders mixing two iconic cannabis strains. Blueberry is responsible for the extraordinary fruity flavor and fragrance of these cannabis buds. The second parent is none other than Critical?a potent indica hybrid famous for its profound body-stone.

Seeing Critical Blue feminized ganja in person is an experience. These stunning cannabis flowers display a mixture of green, purple, pink, and blue hues. A white trichome frosting surrounds them. If that wasn?t enough, they produce a sweet tropical fruit smell with hints of earthy spice, driving your taste buds wild.

Growing Critical Blue feminized seeds is a truly rewarding undertaking with the potential for massive yields. These cannabis plants are brilliant for indoor cultivators as their 4.9-foot stature fits perfectly in confined spaces.

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