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In many ways, Critical autoflower seeds are a lighter, beginner-friendly variant of its predecessor, Critical Mass. It combines the sought-after traits of the original strain with ruderalis genetics, creating a less potent and easier to cultivate specimen.

If you’re a newbie smoker or looking to build your THC tolerance, cannabis from Critical autoflower is the answer. With moderate THC levels (16?18%), this auto-flowering indica-dominant hybrid induces a far milder buzz than its siblings. While toning down on Critical Mass’s intense sedative effects, it still brings a sweet cerebral uplift and gets the creative juices flowing.

Critical auto is highly appealing even for seasoned smokers, as it leaves enough energy to act on the creative inspiration this strain is known for inciting. Don’t rule out those coveted relaxation traits, though. Try it once, and you’re bound to fall in love with the chill this cannabis delivers.

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