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Few things in life come close to the energizing experience delivered by Critical 47 feminized ganja. This indica-dominant wonder is a combination of Critical Mass and AK-47, offering a cerebral supercharge. The incredible uplifting sensation is a coveted experience sought after by recreational smokers across the globe.

If you?re just getting into cannabis cultivation, Critical 47 feminized is not the best starting point. These plants have a high-maintenance growth pattern despite the manageable size of no more than five feet. If you have some experience and venerable trimming skills, though, they?re well worth the effort.

With a 15 to 18% THC content, this strain promises an enjoyable and smoking experience that doesn?t overpower. The pleasure doubles with its fragrant offering of fruity and herbal undertones mixed with musky earth scents.

Critical 47 is a high-yielder and a beauty. Each plant showcases dark-olive nugs with thick layers of shiny trichomes. The nugs stand out even more thanks to the numerous dark orange pistils covering their build.

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