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The “2.0” that comes after “Critical” means that the original has seen an upgrade. Critical+ is a cultivating favorite, but its issues with bud rot in humid climates discourage inexperienced growers. However, one unique Critical+ phenotype displayed excellent moisture resistance. The breeder backcrossed these genetics with the OG, leading to the birth of Critical 2.0.

Critical 2.0 is an indica-dominant hybrid with 18?22% THC and 0.3% CBD. It?s built a reputation of inducing strong refreshing effects, leaving you in a refreshing state with a clear head. As time passes, its body high melts away any reality and relaxes your muscles.

Growing Critical 2.0 feminized seeds is a cultivator’s dream. The plant produces large nugs with a thick resinous coat and amber pistils shooting out.

Despite being indica-dominant, Critical 2.0 feminized plants grow to about 5 and ? feet. The herbal and spicy pulperia scent starts during the flowering stage, with these flavors continuing on your tongue.

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