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Get your hands on this autoflowering variant of an updated classic. Critical + 2.0 is a refined version of Critical +, a hybrid of Skunk #1 and Big Bud. Critical + 2.0 autoflower retains a heavy-hitting high and considerable yields without growers fussing over light schedules and growth management.

Critical + 2.0 autoflower seeds sprout into short, compact specimens that top out at around 4?4.5 feet. The robust, bushy plants develop copious densely-packed colas as harvest approaches. The deep green buds become coated with a frosting of trichomes as lime-green pistils protrude from the swollen calyxes.

Mature Critical + 2.0 has an intensely alluring aroma rich with fresh citrus notes and a pervasive skunkiness. Smoking the fragrant flowers imparts a balanced, powerful high that hits hard cerebrally and physically. The lingering sedative properties of this strain are best enjoyed after a long day.

Growing Critical + 2.0 autoflower seeds is a walk in the park if you have some experience cultivating cannabis. This strain is resilient, manageable, and relatively fast-flowering. These seeds are also feminized, removing stress from your growing experience.

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